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No.36 Bank Line - 1lb. Roll


Product Description

Tarred Nylon Twine - 1 lb. spool contains approximately 510 linear feet with a 340 lb. breaking strength. This twine is especially black treated and dried before it's put on a reusable plastic spool. It has many advantages over twine treated by "spool dunking." It is uniformly and deeply coated from one end to the other - no "zebra stripes" or tar globs to come off on your hands. It's dry, easy-to-tie, and holds knots well.


Product Reviews

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  1. Strong

    Posted by Roy Brewster on 22nd Apr 2014

    Very strong for its size, has tons of survival uses. Any survivalist knows the value of rope and/or string.

  2. #36 Bank Line - One Pound Roll

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Mar 2014

    Probably the thing I like best about #36 bank line is how stiff and tangle-free it is. Kernmantle nylon cord of the same diameter with similar characteristics is many times more expensive, and I suspect bank line has more long-term durability due to its tar content. This line smells like tar and is slightly sticky with it, but even so tar does not rub off on the hands. Although diameter is fairly thin, this is a 3-ply miniature rope which holds knots well but is easy to untie. I do not believe there is a better cord than bank line for any application within the range of its tensile strength.

  3. First time ever using bankline

    Posted by Caleb Hutchins on 31st Oct 2013

    After seeing hundreds of videos from Dave using bankline and even other people from different channels I decided to finally buy some. I ordered the 1lb. roll of #36 bankline and have been fully satisfied thus far, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a better alternative to paracord.
    Thanks for selling yet another satisfactory product!


  4. Handy and stout

    Posted by Dan Rathbone on 4th Oct 2013

    I've used this cordage for over 30 years , and it's never broke on me once , and I've used it for a tarp tie-line to boot laces , a clothes-line and lashing straps , it's just handy and stout.

  5. stuff is great

    Posted by Phillip Webb on 11th Sep 2013

    You can use this stuff for almost anything .....duct tape and bank line will get you far in life.

  6. #36 Bank Line

    Posted by Bob Mazza on 11th Sep 2013

    Couldn't wait for this line to get here. Turns out it is better than anticipated. Haven't put it into use yet.....but won't be long. Making different lengths for bug out and survival packs. Thanks for a superior product.

  7. #36 bankline

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Sep 2013

    You have to love bank line . You can use it for anything and this one is the best I have found you can smell the tar even with the rapper on... I will buy again as soon as I need more. Thaanks dave and the pathfinder school

  8. Versatile cordage

    Posted by John Bay on 1st Sep 2013

    So far I have only used this for sewing with the pathfinder sail needle - I cut off about 18 inches and unwound the 3 strands... it twists into what reminds me of stretched monofiliment fishing line, but its a super easy fix - just pinch lightly and pull thru the pinched fingers - straightens up and loses its memory fast. Easy to thread the eye of a needle because there is barely any fuzz... Using this thread is great for reinforcing the cheap thread that some companies use on carrying straps. Closing tip: When your cheapo outdoor folding chairs that were made-in-china break (they always do)- save the material from the chair - all kinds of stuff you can do with this material and this bank line - make pouches, patch tarps, reinforce tarps, sew in a MOLLE system - etc. The frame also makes tent stakes... Also the carrying case makes a nice little stuff sack. Have fun! Thanks to Dave Canterbury for making me think about things differently.

  9. Excellent cordage

    Posted by tim on 23rd Aug 2013

    This product rocks! So versatile and multi functional. A million and one uses for this line

  10. bankline

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Aug 2013

    It's ok haven't opened it yet not used it but will

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